China-Thailand Transport

We are a Chinese-Thai importer to support importing from China to distribute or order Chinese factories as raw materials.

You will receive privileges tax Thai-China exemption. 

Quality Inspection Service

We have a system to monitor every step. You will get the necessary information about transportation from the express shipping specialist. The company will control the loading and unloading of products during the loading or unloading. Count the number of goods and inspect the damage of goods. We have a team of quality and experience to serve you for 7 years, whether by boat, truck or plane, you will receive the complete and safe.

Supply of goods from China

Because China is a source of goods. And the world's important raw materials, such as consumer goods. If we directly access the source of the product without having to go through the intermediary. This will result in cheaper products. And the raw materials have lower cost, quality meets the demand at reasonable prices to sell.

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